So, tell me all I need to know about pilates…

What will happen when I go to my first Totally Pilates class?
I will spend a few minutes with you before the class starts to answer any questions you have, discuss any relevant medical issues you have raised on your client enrolement form and find out from you what you would like to get out of the lesson. If you are joining a beginners class I will spend some time in the class giving you a bit more information about Pilates and then we will get going with some of the basic exercises. As we move through the exercises I will introduce the main Pilates principles which will be integral to all the exercises you do as you progress. Don’t worry, we are very friendly and you can feel free to ask questions as we go along. If you are new to Pilates and are unable to join at the start of a beginners course you may wish to consider having a 1:1 lesson with me first to go over the basics.

How soon will I start noticing effects?
Pilates is a mind-body method with a wide range of benefits, some are immediate, others will take time and effort to achieve. When we meet to discuss what you are looking to get out of coming to a Pilates class we can set some realistic goals for you.

What should I wear to a class?
As I will need to check your posture and alignement close fitting clothes that allow you freedom of movement are ideal. Something like leggings and a t-shirt are ideal. Jogging bottoms and sweatshirts are fine so long as they are not too bulky. You can either wear socks (non-slip) or have bare feet.

What do I need to bring with me?
You don’t need to bring anything. I provide mats and cushions. You may bring water if you wish.

I’ve never done it before – does this matter?
Not at all – we all have to start somewhere. If you are not able to join us at the start of a beginners course, having at least one private lesson with me would be an ideal way to run through the basics that you will need before joining a class.

I’ve got a bad back – is it safe to do Pilates?
If you have medical problem or injury I would ask that you check with you medical practitioner to ensure that Pilates is a suitable form of exercise for you. Clients are often recommended to do Pilates by their physios, osteopaths etc and we welcome any advice we receive from them.

Can I just have one session or do I need to book a course of sessions?
To get the real benefits from Pilates one session will not be enough. I run my courses during term time and ask that clients book half termly. If there is demand during the Summer holidays I will offer some pay-as-you-go lessons so clients can fit in classes around their holidays.

How many people will be in my class?
No more than 12 and probably fewer than that. Small classes make sure that everyone gets individual attention and that exercises can be adapted where necessary to suit the different members of the class.

I’m not sure about exercising in a group – could I have an individual session?
Of course. These can either be arranged at my home or yours,  if you have a suitable space.

I know Pilates is very trendy – is it just for young people?
Not at all. In the classes that I have taught ages have ranged from 20 -80!

I’ve heard that Pilates builds up core strength – what is that all about?
Core strength involves the ability to maintain control of the position of your pelvis, spine, shoulders and head in order to provide a good base of support to allow efficient movement of your limbs. With good core strength movement can be more efficiently channelled through your bones and soft tissues preventing excessive load to the joints. This will also help you to achieve better muscle balance so that you aren’t overworking some muscles at the expense of others than can become weak.